HENKEL- Baltics
Republic of Lithuania
Republic of Latvia
Republic of Estonia

In April 1999 ACES Vilnius organised three press conferences in all three capitals of the Baltics (Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn). The conferences were aimed at informing societies about Henkel CEE plans to establish new joint ventures in the Baltic States, which meant the company's first direct presence in these countries.

For this purpose the agency produced Henkel company press information stationary sheets, pens and flags,a company brochure and web page listing company products with descriptions of the company and its history in every country. An attractive news release announcing the establishment of subsidiary offices in the capital cities of every state was written in three local languages as well.

The journalists were given extensive interviews from the prominent managers of the company. The main issue was the quality of the products which was thoroughly presented by the company's representatives. To make journalists sure about the products' quality, they were given product sample packages to test them on their own and make conclusions. The events resulted in widespread press coverage of Henkel and its products (which might otherwise have been difficult, given journalist concerns about "hidden advertising" of products in news coverage).