ERICSSON Mobile Communications (EMC)
Republic of Lithuania

In the spring of 1999, ACES Vilnius Public Relations launched EMC's T18s mobile telephone campaign. This was a new telephone model after three years of silence from EMC. The telephone was targeted at the most refined consumers.

The campaign was targeted at consumer print and electronic media, including daily and weekly newspapers, women's magazines, sports and IT magazines, and consumer product testing magazines. An attractively written news release was prepared by the agency and -- together with several product brochures, product press kits including photos and samples of the products -- was hand-delivered to each journalist. The campaign was tied to EMC's sponsoring of one of the most prestigious events in Lithuania -- the fashion show "in Vogue Vilnius 1999". The show was sponsored by T18s model. The event was visited by upper social class representatives - - exactly those at which the model was targeted. The press conference after the show featured T18s and was hosted by EMC's product managers who also demonstrated the products' unique advantages to the journalists.

The culmination of the show - an award distribution -- was completed by a short agency prepared speech of the President of Ericsson Lithuania and EMC Product Manager in Lithuania. The prize - a new T18s telephone - was presented to the most attractive fashion collection made by a Lithuanian designer.

The campaign produced a windfall of positive articles, about sponsoring issues in Lithuania where Ericsson representatives were given the opportunity to explain the company's sponsoring philosophy, its goals, and problems in Lithuanian sponsorship and charity laws. In addition, the sponsorship object -- Ericsson T18s -- was introduced as the upper-level model.

ACES Vilnius's success on behalf of Ericsson Mobile Telecommunications for T18s launch was further recognized when the Ericsson Corporate Client Division selected ACES Vilnius as its publicity agency during the Swedish Prime Minister's visit to the company's headquarters in Lithuania and for the production of several press releases on other occations.